without trying, there will be unfamiliar perfume to testing. Of course, necessary to select the most worthy perfume yourself. But enough was whether to try to find the right fragrance? At this point, the choice of perfume and thanks to several practical information regarding the use of your food your charm mümkün.tüket the talking, just about anything that affects the position of the perfume to your skin type. In fact, even if age is an important detail. According to experts at younger ages more fresh flowers and fruit scents should be preferred, floral and spicy aromas along with the style of your living from middle age should be used. Of course, not only that, have a look atın.parf how attempted necessarily following steps before going to perfumes tested, tested? -There take a shower, because the real smell of perfume reveals the best clean skin. Do not use scented or something I -Perfume and try up to 3 odor. 3 Because your nose evening the best time to try more ayıramayacaktır.- smell perfume; because this time the sense of smell works strong. In addition, the winter season (of course we are not stuffy nose) more often after strong smell of perfume according to alıyoruz.- summer must wait for the maturation t you at least an hour. During this time the perfume and perfume alcohol end to interact with chemicals on your t will give the true smell. In the meantime, a little attention to what you eat before you’re supposed to go to trial Sense Fragrances seçmek.- creates the dizzying effect of sniffing perfume you tried at regular intervals. Why? Because spicy, bitter and fatty foods can slightly change the chemistry of your t


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