What is Rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty aesthetic nose surgery that is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery today. This nose shape can be varied such as by surgery, it is possible to enlarge or shrink the nose nose. Adjusting the person’s facial rhinoplasty artistic rates with increased confidence is provided. Congenital deformity with which the cause, bad views created by trauma such as broken as can be done only for aesthetic purposes was düzeltilebilir.rinoplas can also be made by health reasons. curvature in the middle part of the nose that we call the aesthetic nose surgery deviated septum and inferior turbinate hypertrophy (growth of the concha) mucosa thickening as we breathe also be operated in conjunction with the correction of the difficult problems. Rhinoplasty – How rhinoplasty surgery? Rhinoplasty; Made with local or general anesthesia, after surgery is a surgery that does not require hospitalization. Rhinoplasty can be done by two different methods, including open or closed. Closed rhinoplasty all incisions are made inside the nose. In the open rhinoplasty in thin skin called columella between the nostrils also be an incision. If both techniques also changing the shape of the cartilage and bone tissue under the skin of the nasal septum surgery gerçekleştirilir.hasta have called the deviation of the airline problems, these problems can be eliminated in breathing better. If the shape and size of the nostrils, if necessary also my değiştirilebilir.işle, it takes one or two hours total. How is the recovery period after rhinoplasty surgery? For a short time the entire face and nose swelling, bruises on the lower eyelid may be temporary. Most patients within two days later will be able to become all things can return to work a week later. The results of rhinoplasty decreases day by day and spits seen better. This swelling is more sleep in the morning when you wake up, but declines later in the day. It is certain exactly the shape of the nose will take 3-6 months. Eye lens, which may need to start using it immediately after surgery. Can I taste the results for the first two months sakıncalıdır.ameliyat the use of glasses? accurate and realistic expectations that patients are usually happy with the result. Happy that my cause is usually surgery “like ” not” go down “to be for. one similar to or the one surgery purpose consists of the patient himself did not endear face ratio of more convenient and more comfortable breathe can reach a nose that can be obtained from olmalıdır.ameliyat results of the patient’s nasal bone and cartilage structure, facial shape, the thickness of the nasal skin and age to repeat the bağlıdır.ameliyat is there a possibility? Incorrect or missing performed rhinoplasty – rhinoplasty second surgery for removal of a secondary disorder that occurs after surgery (secondary) called rhinoplasty. This surgery is less satisfactory in terms of face for the first time, according to the operative technique will be much more difficult and results. Because, since the cartilage and bone are reduced in a first operation, the resulting residue can be built upon tissue decreased. Therefore,


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