What is appendicitis; Appendix with the appendix or innate known form, resulting from the large intestine starting part is a blind 5-6 cm in length and 2-3 mm in diameter in the intestinal track. Duties of the intestines are fully known, but in the first years of life are considered to regulate the defense mechanism. This is an inflammation of the organs known by almost everyone olmaktadır.apandisit cause appendicitis disease usually begin to appear after the age of 3. Although common in all age groups, azalmaktadır.apandisit seen after the age of 35. The incidence of symptoms; Although it varies from person to person, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, fever and request to be listed as making big toilet. Appendicitis pain that usually begins as a vague vague abdominal pain and stomach ache, back, waist, You can hit the groin and leg, and ultimately, the pain is collected in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen. Patients usually refers to pain that increases with movement and vibration. This is not all complaints must be there at the same time or in a single patient. At this stage the drill end filled with the patient’s treatment if the appendiceal inflammation and inflammation spreads into the abdominal cavity. The patient perceives it as a relief if the pain persists and reveals about 6 hours overall, but then again that fever and abdominal pain due to inflammation of the peritoneum and is now settled in the state of health after a serious danger comes up at this stage. Treatment of acute appendicitis is surgery and treatment of an appendicitis always exploded while it was possible to solve the problem with small surgical incisions in early surgery usually requires more serious and wide-ranging opening up. This takes an average of 3 to çıkabilmektedir.akut up to 5 days appendicitis disease stomach pains after a normal appendectomy after a hospital stay is usually popcorn while a day appendicitis operation, intestinal infections, diarrhea, urinary tract infections and stones, diseases of women in female bodies, hernia pain and it can be confused with many other diseases that abdominal and groin pain. Therefore, abdominal pain leave recognize this distinction to a physician Unless and until revealed the exact cause of the pain will definitely change the course of the disease, such as painkillers and antibiotics, and should avoid the use of drugs that cause delays in the diagnosis. Again in a manner similar to abdominal pain, the aching of prolonged hot and cold applications in the making, late diagnosis summarizes issues that need your attention for introducing or açabileceg the road to puncture early gerekir.apandisit keep in mind; In case of complaints of abdominal pain and strain to exceed establishing a connection with one of the physicians, mainly painkillers and antibiotics to be used for drug and abdominal area must be avoided hot and cold applications. Nausea,


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