Weight too many people trying to protect the applied weight or diet can not fail to give because: 1-almazlar.kilo enough to give much calcium they need more calcium or those who wish to maintain their weight. Calcium, when you get more fat than you need önler.ins 800-1200 mg per day. Mg.ergenlik age of 10 years 800 days vardır.1 daily calcium needs with mg.hamilelik 1200 and 1200 lohusallık in a day and age mg.60 above 1200 mg per day. gerekir.kalsiy calcium sources are milk, yogurt and cheese. However, those who want to lose weight or maintain weight must skim milk, yogurt and cheese should eat. In experiments nonfat yogurt eating high-calcium is especially great impact on melting of fat in the abdomen kanıtlamıştır.2-enough soup drank. maintain weight and food for those who want to lose weight should start with strong soup. This broth should be less fat and less salty. Fish broth or water available. Food and every one gram of fat you add to your drinks, salt and sugar you’ll be fat and dönecektiraz as weight-fat and low-salt soup, low calorie, but pressing your hunger, you eat more than other dishes önler.3-enough water içmezler.yetişk a man the day 1.5 -2 liters of water are needed. The air temperature increases, the energy you spend, sugar and salt accrues water needs of one of the biggest mistakes they make those who are waiting artar.ins thirsty to drink water. Other water needs of a big mistake cola, soda, and think will be met with beverages such as fruit juice. In reality, these drinks do not substitute for water. To take a breath, even hot air causes the loss of body fluids. Women’s needs 2 liters of water per day, a man of cold water instead of 2.5 liters of water that needs to çıkar.diyet should drink warm or hot water. Because cold water leaves the stomach in 20 minutes. Warm and hot water to leave the stomach varies between 40 and 80 minutes. Water prolonged feeling of fullness in the stomach to stay verir.4-sugary tea içerler.insanlıg three biggest enemy of cigarettes, sugar and salt that is now known. The cause of death, these pests that cause disease or nothing to get used to or need to consume very little. Non-lethal, carcinogenic effects were found after a long struggle. What about the others? Unfortunately, others fattening, pathogenic and lethal effects are as yet not enough bilinmiyor.genç, their food without tasting the salt-salt, Adding sugar to drink. He exclaims year cancer experts from the party since it is the largest cause of cancer of the white sugar. To lose weight or sugar they put in their tea before those who want to maintain the weight you need to reduce by half. Because salt taken with drinks and sugar affect the body more quickly, giving more calories. If the effect is warm drinks will be even more intense in the best business oluyor.asl tea-coffee drink without sugar. Sugarless drinking tea, especially green tea reduces fat in the body. On hot days, flavored, sweetened beverages you drink tea instead of cold-enough movement etmezler.yag olur.5 more useful and that obesity is getting a lot of calories that people burn. You just can not lose weight by following a diet. People, on the one hand while dieting should try to melt the fat. Please “I’m walking home” or “I walk at work,” “Walk to time and you have no friends” as an excuse to asylum. Think your health is stable. programlayın.normal people during a hike to walk yourself will spend an average of 25-30 calories in each step. If you want to know the number of steps you take while walking calories burned while walking with tight and tough step artar.şayet sold in sports shops and pedometer (step meter) away from the so-called tool, you can insert your waist. Check that the most appropriate time to warm air değişiyor.yürü between 15-30 pounds, are when the sun is not overwhelming. However, you do not walk on an empty stomach in the morning Be. Your blood sugar may fall. Something snack, take your medication if, after the series of steps in çıkın.başlangıç ​​to walk 20 minutes to walk, then look to remove it for 25-30 minutes. Without a friend to walk with you it is more healthy. Because SOH walkingBet you do not gerekir.6-dinner place in the late, late dinner yatarlar.araştır mAlArA by the late eaters, raki, who drink alcoholic beverages such as vodka and rises to bed late, late risers are struggling to lose weight. Food, time should be eaten, sleep, should be timely slept. While high-fat eating is not much difference between drinking alcoholic beverages. One gram of fat contains 9 calories, it gives the alcohol 7 calories per gram. If the person gets how much alcohol it would have taken up a lot of calories.


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