Think about it, how much importance do you give to your diet? Are you getting all the nutrients your body requirements, or simply to satiate your stomach? It is supposed to be binary compatible nutrition and health, according to experts. Eatin aim is not just a feeding, nutrition olmalıdır.herşey ilgiliyeterl and balanced diet adequate and balanced nutrition; carbohydrates required by the body, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, water and fiber are achieved by the adequate and orderly manner. Lack or excess of these food groups, each with its separate tasks in the work of the body, can lead to health disorders. Imagine that it is closely related to how our nutritional health. The length of our clan, our intelligence work surface, skin structure, and even our dietary behavior. ortantıl right between the Research inadequate and unbalanced nutrition structure of the body it reveals that there is a relationship. In addition, the leading cause of death from cardiovascular causes seen in developed countries, diebutThe false and unbalanced nutrition in diseases such as cancer as the most important factor bilinmektedir.h day a cup sütsüt, yogurt and cheese are children in the nutrient characteristics of growth and development in the group, the elderly, it is important for pregnant women and lactasyon on. These nutrients include calcium, phosphorus, protein, is rich in vitamin A and some B group vitamins. Calcium is particularly important for the bone structure. 35 years until enough milk, yogurt and cheese in which people consume, are encountered frequently in elderly patients with osteoporosis problems. Every day at least one to consume a glass of milk or yogurt or 2 matchbox cheese, VeriNET importance extremely yararlıdır.sebz and fruit for a healthy life, chicken, fish, protein, eggs and legumes, vitamin A, some B group vitamins, phosphorus and there are minerals such as magnesium. Every day for a healthy body, we need to consume one or more of the foods in this group. Vegetables and fruits are the vitamins and minerals to meet our needs. So it should be consumed 3-4 servings a day. Rice, wheat, oats, and rye grain products are rich in carbohydrates and fiber and body energy verirler.s is indisputable is the importance of a healthy diet. Water, nutrients taken into the body, the ease of digestion ensures the transport to the cells and exhausting harmful waste occurring in the body. It is also necessary for the control of body temperature. I.e. pulp fibers are indigestible cell walls of plants. as soluble fibers and insoluble fibers are of two types. Soluble vegetable fibers, wheat and other grains found in the bran. Fibrous foods,


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