Stroke – What is a stroke? Cerebrovascular disease is a common definition covering the brain known alias stroke or vascular occlusion and bleeding stroke. Stroke is the third most common cause of death after heart disease and cancer. The surviving patients, the disease is causing the loss of the most common functions that remain crippled. Population aging, the reduction of death from other causes has 4 vessels supplying the increasingly artırmaktadır.beyn risk of stroke. One of these is the continuation of carotid jugular vein takes blood, known as the front and center of the brain. Two other cerebellum, brain stem and are the blood vessels supplying the back of the brain. The vessels, with a network are connected to each other. Through this network in case of complete occlusion of a brain blood vessels of the brain can receive from other vessels for vascular disease is a chance to escape with minimal losses. The reason we call nedenleribe stroke risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, known for centuries. Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, smoking, heart disease and other circulatory disorders, lack of physical activity (sedentary) life, advanced age and a full diminishing effect this list grows as the duration for other reasons. However, smoking therefrom, hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, regular physical activity are strong reasons can be controlled. So preventable on belirtilerigenel as cerebrovascular disease, sudden-risk patients, headache, dizziness, right or left side weakness, numbness, slurred speech, problems with balance, vision, manifested by impairment in functions such as swallowing. Symptoms sometimes lighter numbness, dizziness, While balance disorders, sometimes olabilmektedir.ayrı by the form of heavy table, such as the sudden loss of consciousness, can create short-term charts occluded with self-opening of the vessel, such as transient ischemic stroke or other disorders that also should not be görülebilir.unutul similar symptoms along; cerebrovascular disease is an emergency situation and complaints history, even if not necessarily a neurologist by the patient’s evaluation on tedavisibe changing treatment a little more standard vessel occlusion is a treatment that is associated with a one to one situation of the patient. Early treatment for stroke, clot dissolver which drugs are drugs that can be applied in a very short period of time, blood-thinning drugs to reduce edema and vascular diseases in kullanılmaktadır.Bu life and survival after injury, with the location as it is associated with loss of brain tissue it correlates very seriously. The brain’s way of common occurrence, a small infarcts of the brain stem that important life functions such as breathing, as a result of occlusion of large blood vessels supplying the brain can produce more severe than stroke that occurs. Likewise, a large hemorrhage occurred in an elderly patient, lighter watching young patients a smaller bleeding in fatal olabilmektedir.rehabilitasyo and patients of outpatient takipleriin on patients undergoing begin the rehabilitation process with early treatment, will continue concentrating after medical treatment is finished. Rehabilitation is directed to kazanımla the loss function as is known. of meaning, speech disorder patients swallowing disorders may involve much more special rehabilitation program in the right or left side weakness, balance problems may be resolved in serious physical therapy after a normal process. Stroke patients and follow-up of the last important link in the treatment of families is informed about all happened and be able to live. education of families, and provide the opportunity for a good opportunity in terms of education can provide information about what is done to the environment as well as patient follow-up in these patients.


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