People often are afraid of the dentist. That because the dentist only and known simply as someone who occupational upon tooth extraction and people usually contact their dentist after refute their teeth, job after defeating giderler.diş shooting of fear for the shooting of the female is finished people generally resulting scarring and pain in the mouth that after a dental shooting after shooting for dururlar.diş also thought to be considered; • after tooth extraction is performed must wait a minimum of 30 minutes cotton buffer name. • deterioration, etc. after 30 minutes. condition or buffer can be removed. • Dental shooting on the day hot or cold food / drink should not drink and you should not eat for at least 2 hours. • You should rinse your mouth with water during the day. • To avoid inflammation of the location where the tooth pulled smoking should be avoided for 24 hours. • Likewise, alcohol should not be used again for 24 hours. • It should not touch the area where the tooth pulled, and you should not make any transactions related therewith in your mouth. • will alleviate bleeding in 6-24 hours. If you encounter this situation, you must go to the doctor or if pain conditions.


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