Osteoporosis (Osteoporosis) What, Bone Loss What are the symptoms? Osteoporosis / bone resorption, by becoming the weakening of the bones fragile and characterized by a hastalıktır.kemik melting, diagnosis, if you too late for treatment, it can cause fractures proceeding quietly. Although most hip affects all bones, bones of the spine and wrist fractures are clinically important taşımaktadır.osteoporoz (Osteoporosis) is a continuous destruction throughout our nedenleriyaşamı-making state said our bones. This name is also given bone turnover. Ages in childhood and adolescence; construction demolition from being faster, with the result that the bones are heavier, becoming dense and thick constitute the adult bone structure. Peak bone mass is reached at 30 years of age and destruction from this point, From construction it is becoming faster. The maximum during periods of bone-building of childhood and unless attainment of optimal bone mass during puberty, the higher olacaktır.kemik mineral structure risk of developing osteoporosis in later years, especially leads to weakening of reductions bones in calcium. Thus calcium and fed with rich food, vitamin D and exercise regularly bones of our sağlayacaktır.kemik to be strong and healthy throughout our lives at the Melting risk factors-gender: women are at a higher risk than men-Age: age increases increases the risk of osteoporosis-slim, thin Caucasian and Asian women are more at risk-the risk is higher in women-being of the family in postmenopausal osteoporosis-story-anorexia nervosa, Some medications for heavy exercise and endocrinological disorders regardless of amenorrhea-calcium-poor diet-Osteoporosis: Immune system suppressing drugs (prednisone, methotrexate ….) Thyroid ilaçlarıantikonvülsanlaraliminy containing antiasitlerkolesterol lowering ilaçlaruz period heparin, low testosterone in low estrogen seviyelerierkek in tedavisikadın seviyelerisedant is yaşamgüneş light on the kalmadepresyonanoreksisigaraaşır exposed at low rates tea, coffee and alcohol tüketimibaz diseases: diseases of the liver (eg, cirrhosis) and Ehlers-Danlos sendromlarıcushing hipertiroidizmalkolizmmarf sendromuhiperparatiroidizmkans (including lymphoma) Melting in the gastrointestinal tract bozukluklarıkemik semptomlarosteoporoz is usually asymptomatic. It is possible only in very severe disease symptoms of bone pain or fracture occurs or when it occurs. Fractures that occur due to severe back ağrılarıkifoz (bending the spine) due to the length of your symptoms by your doctor tanıöncelikl Melt shortening olmasıkemik and will resume questioning and physical examination will be carried out in a detailed manner. Later done several tests that measure bone density. These tests are: Dual-energy x-ray absorptiomety (DEXA) – all a yöntemdirsingl-energy x-ray absorbtiometry- arm and heel measurement yapardental bone x-rayultrasonograf bone densitometry minerals such as ölçümüayrı of calcium can make body measurement and for evaluating bone breakdown products some blood and urine tests are also istenebilir.kemik (osteoporosis) Tedavisi1) making lifestyle changes: a) nutrition: Please pay attention to the diet with calcium and vitamin D-rich foods. Reduce caffeine and alcohol consumption as much as possible. Calcium-rich foods and dairy ürünleriyeşil şunlardırsüt sebzelerbalık and leafy sea ürünlerikalsiy reinforced ürünlerb) Smoking: If you smoke bırakmalısınızc) Exercise: Walking, climbing stairs and, especially weight-bearing exercise increases muscle strength and coordination. Also the reinforcing effect sahiptir.d respect to bone health) Supporting products: vitamin D, magnesium, supplements containing potassium and vitamin K kullanılabilir.2) Drugs: Drugs, reduce bone loss, in order to reduce the risk to increase bone density and fracture kullanılmaktadır.raloksif the – a selective estrogen receptor modulator. Osteoporosis treatment and prevention kullanılabilmektedir.bifosfonat (alendronate, risedronate) – Increases the bone density. Bone loss and risk of fracture azaltır.kalsitonin- reduces bone loss, increases spinal bone density and fractures the risk of fracture pain and pain associated azaltır.florid- azaltırhrt (hormone replacement therapy) – reduces bone loss. But especially to be considered in the profit and loss oranıdır.3 point of use) Safety precautions: Osteoporosis patients are required to take preventive measures to decrease their high risk for fracture. (Eg, use a cane intended to improve stability during walking, the base as flat and non-slip footwear, ….) In the early korunmaözellikl life without osteoporosis (since childhood and adolescence) Meticulous attention to changes made in the lifestyle and nutrition is extremely important to prevent bone loss.


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