Ongoing research related to women experts, bringing together the various health information they obtained about age women age oluşturdu.30 road map yarısıcilt: Skin cells lose their reproductive rate. Skin begins to tarnish. Lines shows itself gradually. Peeling of the skin contributes to the production of new cells. Başlayın.kalp to use sunscreen Liver: the elasticity of veins and lungs registration bettaStart menu. To reduce smoking or quit and start zorundasınız.kemik sports, muscles and joints, muscle and bone loss begins at this age. question you need to ask your doctor how much calcium and vitamin d. Gelir.vücut good shape to exercise three times a week will be lost: This age indicates a slowdown in metabolism by 2%. Be careful not to gain weight. zamanı.göğüs health start to stay away from fatty foods: One in 9 women is caught to breast cancer. Deliberately making yourself every month and then-examination from 35 years of age also begin screening mammograms. In this age of heart in the years ahead, stroke, to develop diseases such as cancer, smoking, balanced and fat content, choose low meals, stay away from stress, play sport, keep control of your blood pressure and kolestrolü, restrained drink için.40’l year fatigue dönemicilt : Decreases during menopause nears protective color and cells also reduces the risk of skin cancer. I have to show your doctor that you suspect. In addition, the eyes, eyebrows, neck, jaw sagging dikkat.kalp Liver: menopause is seen with cholesterol to rise. Diet, fat-free foods, sports, and stay away from cigarettes. Keep your cholesterol under 200. HDL, known as good cholesterol, 35, LDL bad cholesterol, which is well below 135 olsun.diş: After 35 years of annual dental check-ups are yaptırın.duyu: 40s would be a reduction in the sense of smell in age. In addition, loss of eyes in focus, lens on reading difficulties due to the decrease in the elasticity başlar.vücut shape: approaching menopause weight gain in the stomach of the hip, chest out and shoulders. This problem still control edebilirsiniz.kemik with balanced nutrition and fitness, muscle, joints: Estrogen levels drop when approaching menopause. This reduction increases the rate of bone resorption. During this period, you get calcium and talk to your doctor about estrogen gerekir.50’l the years immediately brings to mind the age of menopause, menopause dönemi50’l. Changes in menstrual periods, hot flushes, sweating, vaginal means coming menopause case of loss of elasticity. Immediately doktora.kalp, lung: age met with high blood pressure. Definitely sports do, the smoking ban, the weight gain, Repent alcohol. Skin: dry skin at this age becomes flaky. Because less work sebaceous glands. Doctors call this age the skin while hydrating petrolatum based creams are not your preferred urea, they recommend that you avoid creams containing lactic acid. Kas, joints, bones: bones, muscles and joints limber up before you have to pay attention to your special attention and sports. Body Type: lubrication to rate continued to slow down metabolism increases. Muscle-building, calorie burning and metabolism to obtain accelerator sports and low-calorie eating habits did you do to gerekir.60’l year last dönemeçbug, you say after that time I lived healthy Take a look at the following: Osteoporosis: According to experts, one woman and 42% at the spine along its mineral lose, and this increases the risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture. To reduce risk factors, light weight training, walking and so on. You should receive calcium as well as activities. High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure over time, heart attack, can lead to serious problems such as kidney failure and stroke. Adhere strictly to your doctor’s advice about high blood pressure. Lungs: Lung cancer, breast cancer is so important as a source of risk seen in women. as soon as emphysema and lung cancer because smoking is a direct connection with the cigarette bırakın.göz health: Visual disturbances are normal for this age group, carry a particular risk of cataracts and high blood pressure. Both treatment of an existing eye problems. That’s why annual eye check book.


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