It varies according to the age of children’s fears. Children between 1-2 years of age source of fear when loud noises, fear grows reveal more concrete. Here children’s fears, according to age and the family’s right yaklaşımları.çocuk are afraid of what most of what age? 2 years: observed fears about the sound. Thunder, trains, trucks, noisemakers at home, it sounds like a vacuum cleaner, great furnishings source of fear olabilir.3 age: Visual fears, household articles of the displacement, drift off to sleep parents over the separation, darkness, police, animals may be source of fear .4 years: wild animals, dark, noisy sesler.5 age; More visual horror, falls, injuries korkusu.6 years: Most fears can be said that age needed. Ghosts, witches, one might be under the bed, unable to find the parents at home, insects, korkular.7 age like fire; Dark, attic, basement, shadows, monsters, ghosts, ghouls, such as detection, etkilenme.8-9 age more than anything he read it and follow; a time when fears are more realistic, of failure, such as personal training korkular.yukarı according to age mentioned in the sources of fear feeder discourse and behavior adopted parents so much that in our environment. The child wants to behave stop the police, with the ghosts, if you ask you threatening witches, to punish the child to the toilet, basement, did those locked in a dark room? The correct behavior should be how? – Parents; Before that temporary korkulannızl their concerns and fears your child cope edin.- unutmayın.- be patient to get used to the feared situation, fear needed to accustom him anyway Take small steps,


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