In this article, it What is tennis elbow, tennis elbow treatment, such as tennis elbow What is the answer to çalışacağız.tenisç elbow disease to important questions on illness? Tennis elbow disease usually occurs in middle age and more men. Tennis players often seen in this disease which is called tennis elbow, hand tools in continuous use in making handmade and knitted may occur in intensive gardening work. Continuous shaking hands in humans (as a politician), the carpenter, gardener, and is frequently seen at the dentist. So we have to play tennis for the occurrence of this disease in yoktur.tenisç elbow disease more commonly used arm (left arm for left-handed like) is observed.

Pain, which is the outer side of the elbow and the region called the lateral epicondyle, muscle (extensor carpi radialis) is where the sticks. In this region, more noticeable. Decreases with rest pain is increased by the use of the arm. inner and outward rotation of the arm and the hand grip of pain is evident. Pain is usually slow onset, then the forearm and very easy to put back on the right hand during the examination by the spread of disease tedavitenisç gösterebilir.tenisç elbow elbow diagnosis of specialist doctors. Treatment identified as causing disease activity should be restricted. Epicondyle of the elbow of the inserted tape has a positive effect on pain prevention.

Pain made to the lateral epicondyle of the disease is concentrated in healing the appropriate injection plays a very big role. selected steroid injections (cortisone) may delay healing and completely eliminate the local anesthetic mixture yapılır.hast activation of the elbow. The continuation of the pain injections made repeated several times with an interval of two to three weeks. In stubborn cases, surgery is performed. is generally excellent results in the treatment of tennis elbow.


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