“My head hurts a lot,” “headache is driving me crazy,” “cracking my head like,” We often hear phrases like the people around us. Headaches often comes to feel himself sometimes feel at a time. Go feeding of pain, stress hormones and pain due to the close relationship vardır.baş doctoral applicants’ complaints of only 5-7% are caused by a structural defect that can cause headaches. But pain are often whinny business can be or will prevent you from doing physical activity boyutlardadır.baş pain caused dozens of discomfort, which sometimes reached serious proportions and become life-threatening problems. There are some important tips showing headache may be severe; the sick are above 50 years of age, who -Eşlik If a serious systemic disease or cancer, the first time in his life in sick if it’s a severe pain you describe, if -pain increasingly sıklaşıy or will not respond to simple pain level becomes severe, they are accompanied -pain other neurological symptoms, patients must first place the migraine among incelenmelidir.baş pain types of physicians control becomes one of the nightmare of every four women. The majority of those who want to live Physicians support the diagnosis of trouble. factors that trigger migraines in women are often seen in the first place alır.baş actors stress that estrogen hormonumigr. Migraines are caused by changes in blood vessels in the brain. Due to the frequency of rapid hormonal changes in women also it is more intense in women. Nutrition alır.çikolat also an important place in the treatment of migraine, citrus fruits, red wine, coffee and cheese are foods that can trigger migraines. As well as preservatives in salami and sausages, smoking, incorrect operation of anemia or thyroid conditions can trigger migraine attacks. The attacks of migraine patients some stress, insomnia, hunger, may increase due to the sadness and distress. Headache treatment is a team effort, one or more problems that may be causing pain. Therefore the right conclusion with a versatile search ulaşılabilir.migr but the correct diagnosis, the daily Yasir people with the right treatment and regular medical supervision is a disease that can be easily maintained. The first step in avoiding factors that trigger migraine pain treatment in daily life is organized. Also, when the pain will begin treating and preventing attacks of pain are treated to relieve it.


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