For healthy, beautiful skin can also use vegetable counter in a variety of diseases, natural oils and medicinal bitkiler..acıbade oil; Cough relief and has a characteristic of reducing sugar. Especially dry and chapped skin, will restore its former beauty. For this; Two to three drops per day until a drop of water was added dropwise içilir.alabalık oil three times a day; Waist pain resolves, is effective against rheumatism. Muscle relaxants feature having arthritis and herniated good trout oil revenues. Massage into the skin. It helps reduce kidney stones. It is also used in the treatment of cellulite. dropwise drinking a cup of water to four drops twice a day. uygulanır.buğday oil is massaged into the skin; stains on the skin, removes stains Harmful gave birth marks and sunlight. wrinkles because the cells have regenerative properties also it fixes. It also revitalizes the damaged hair. Massage into the skin until a teaspoon of oil per day kullanılabilir.ceviz – Almond Oil; It is especially good for dry skin type. It brings back the lost moisture. When applied by massaging the scalp accelerate the process of hair extension nourishes and strengthens hair roots. giderir.ceviz rheumatic pains in oil, like almond oil has skin nourishing properties. konur.çilek walnut extract grease as a very creamy almond oil; It compresses the skin pores, keeps skin taut. It also nourishes the skin. kullanılabilir.çörek in the seed oil cake; It whets appetite. Quantity and diuretic. Rheumatism, it is recommended for use in the treatment of asthma and diabetes. It reduces hair loss and nourishes the hair follicles. It regulates blood circulation. It gives vitality to the body. A cup of water three times a day dropwise until the station co içilir.defn oil drops; It is effective against hair loss, nourishes the hair. gelir.gliser good oil rheumatism pains; It nourishes the skin and helps soften. The skin, to eliminate the cracks occur with rapid weight loss after a certain age and are very helpful. Rheumatism has relieves pain. uygulanır.f conventional oil is massaged into the skin; It is good for dry and damaged skin in particular. cracks occurring in the skin helps remove. Celluloid and post-natal treatment used to relieve abdominal prolapse occurs. Arrival and ringworm good gelir.havuç oil; Blood is constructive, and is useful in cholesterol blood cleansing arrangement. Urine is the shooter. It also prevents the deterioration of the skin. It relieves sunburn. It is beneficial for the vocal cords. A cup of water three or four drops dropwise içilebilir.hindis walnut oil; Nausea and vomiting are preventive effect. It is effective against inflammation. It prevents muscle and joint pain. Physical fatigue is greatly reduced. It prevents hair loss. However, during pregnancy kullanılmamalıdır.jojob oil; Burns, acne problems and is recommended for damaged skin. It nourishes the hair follicles, revitalizes and accelerates the process of hair extension. Also prevents dandruff. Cellulite is used in the treatment of inflammatory and eczema. Only externally kullanılır.kakao oil; After pregnancy and is used to fix cracks formed after sudden weight loss. It prevents flaking of the skin formed. Lip cracks is good. At the same time an amount of time before you go into the sun, but tanning is harmful if used continuously olabilir.kantaro oil; Diarrhea cuts are useful to facilitate digestion, it is good for stomach aches. Hemorrhoids is driven externally. It is effective against wounds and burns.


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