Feet on 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles are. Feet that sustains our body is our fortress. If our feet if disabled, it will not end up in our different. Very few people are born with foot problems. Most of the foot problems, and proper care, stay off the foot and more results in poor shoe selection occurs. Therefore, the overall health of our mirror of the care needed by accepting that we show the care it up to our need uygulamalıyız.doğr foot care: cut in an orderly manner nails first thing in order to have healthy feet must be filed. To prevent cracking of nails, you filed your nails in one direction while törpülerk. with a pumice stone extremely hard non-ambulatory should get rid of dead skin. Take care of your skin while this application to irritate as much as possible. Then moisten with a moisturizer. Before cutting your nails and get rid of your dead skin, do not forget to hold your feet in lukewarm water. This application will stimulate your feet. Take a foot bath once a week or two to rest many of them you rahatlatacaktır.sportif social activities as well as your feet this session, it would be tiring for your legs, it can cause scarring and calluses on feet. To prevent and resolve these cases, the use of anti-perspirants and you do not disrupt your foot care is recommended. When opening your ankle with the right odd circular motion from side to side, do the exercises. Do not throw your base for your everyday fatigue has great benefits. If your skin is sensitive pedicure but not recommended if you have a normal skin tissue, there is no problem in making a pedicure month. Persistence your three or four times a week your feet in warm water for half an hour in warm water, olive oil, hold it there are also benefits to your feet, it helps eliminate the unwanted cracks in the foot.


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