Calcium is a mineral that is extremely important for a healthy life. People just bones and calcium in our body düşünürler.gerçek calcium is necessary for teeth that need the most and the most widely used minerals. Many of our organs and nervous system healthy at the beginning of calcium gerekir.kalsiyu to most organs and systems need to work regularly, muscles, heart and blood tissues income. The electrolyte balance of the body also provides calcium. Need for calcium in the respiratory system. All systems and organs are taken from bone calcium they need. Calcium stored in 99 percent of the skeletal system in the human body, tutulur.hamilelik ready for use and increased need for calcium in the mother’s confinement. Because both himself and the baby spends calcium. Mom, does not meet the necessary calcium in bones and teeth revealed problems arise. Healthy nutrition, diet and regimen for anemia and calcium deficiency often makes the likelihood of developing osteoporosis osteoporosis görülür.b if the store how much calcium women before menopause is so low. Thus çalışmalıdır.kalitel bone to bone quality with every woman before the menopause, bone is rich in calcium and phosphorus. Decreases bone mineral and vitamin discharge, the pores begin to form. Learning can not see the empties tasks and make it easier to break. Alcohol, smoking and inactivity accelerates bone loss. Walking, swimming and slows the melting of body movements. foods containing calcium milk, yogurt, dairy products such as cheese, green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, such as walnuts and hazelnuts are eaten.


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