Brilliant shares, who would not want to be a living skin? Do not wash your skin-uygulayın.1 our proposal with hot water to keep your skin healthy and young as well as cosmetic products. In particular, by choosing warm water while taking a shower to care showered with limited tutun.2-cleaning your skin for 10 minutes. Yaptırarak opens up the pores and skin care exfoliating your skin at certain intervals each day with appropriate moisturizer to your skin type sağlayın.

3-nemlendirin.4-regardless of the season to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. At least 15 protective factor from sliding out çıkmayın.5 cream-A, B, C vitamins on your table to the place and Omega 3 rich foods often verin.6-at least 10 glasses of water a day to stay away from için.7-smoking. Smoking causes aging of your skin as the earlier increases wrinkles and dryness. 8-sınırlandırın.9- caffeine and alcohol consumption Exercise regularly. Sweating is the natural way to absolve one from toxins. a more lively appearance of your skin by increasing blood flow sağlar.10- Avoid extreme makeover. Excess use of acne makeup clogging your pores, causing you to experience more skin problems such as black spot.


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