Anemia: Popularly known as anemia. The causes of anemia, the mother of inadequate supplies of food stores in the pre-pregnancy levels, the increased iron requirements are not met due to pregnancy nutrition, inadequate and unbalanced diet in particular; protein, low intake of iron and vitamin C, and helminths thereof. Anemia reduces resistance to disease. Weakness, fatigue, unwillingness to make. Olur.dem cause early labor and low production in the body in the blood it is one of the officials minerals. During pregnancy the need for iron, interests that in normal times, almost two times. This amount will meet the iron with food is not easy. Proparat support in the form of tablets or gerekir.gebelik (pregnancy), anemia (from anemia) in order to be protected: • Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, liver, spleen, kidneys and so on. offal, nuts, dried fruits such as almonds, grapes, apricots, plums, fruit pulp etc. dried fruits, dried beans, chickpeas, lentils, kidney and so on. dry beans, molasses, sesame oil, sesame seeds and foods rich in iron and direction, such as green leafy vegetables should be consumed frequently in the daily diet. • rich nutrients from iron, vitamin C-rich tomatoes, peppers, parsley, fresh vegetables and orange as lettuce, grapefruit, to be consumed together with fruits such as strawberries it helps in the prevention of anemia. • it reduces the absorption of iron, drinking tea and coffee with meals. Therefore, after a meal of these drinks one to two hours is recommended to drink. • Nutrition in meat consumption is less than the mothers of the week 5-6 and increase the consumption of eggs with the condition of not more than 1 day is important.


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