A new home to move, change jobs, an important decision, money concerns, traffic jams … and many other things can lead to an increase in our level of stress in our daily lives. Today we live in order to adapt to stress conditions, is itself a source of problems for us. In addition, we are dragging their unhealthy eating behavior unnoticed. For example, people who, when faced with a stressful situation often tends to turn to harmful foods. Unfortunately, this type of food choices in other long-term problems seen in studies in getirebilir.araştır together, while people under stress; “More coffee drinking, skipping meals, fast food orientation, the neglect of the City of drinking water, increasing the consumption of alcohol or dessert” exhibit behaviors such as eating incorrectly. In this case, by making the right choices in order to reverse You can help yourself cope with stress. Here food fighting against stress: banana, avocado, oats This food tryptophan they contain serotonin decreased in stressful situations through amino acid, and potassium mineral (sleep routine, appetite hormones regulating mood) I arttırır.bade excretion, peanuts, walnuts: Zinc, Vitamin B omega-3 and vitamin e soothing gösterirler.domates against stress due to their rich foods direction, watermelon, grapefruit: lycopene is a powerful antioxidant and vitamins help with stress and fight with rich content C olurlar.somo of tuna, sadaly to: they contain rich in omega help create stress due to reductions in hormone-3 fatty acids. At the same time these foods, the treatment of depression, cardiovascular diseases prevention and pre-menstrual to a reduction in impact syndrome yardımcıdır.bitt chocolate: compared to other chocolate content more cocoa found dark chocolate, magnesium, and flavanols sweet kaçamaktır.süt reducing stress due to the rich, yogurt: rich dairy products, calcium direction of anxiety it is helping to reduce the effects of anxiety and premenstrual syndrome. a glass of warm milk before going to bed drunk gelir.turunçgil against insomnia (oranges, mandarins, etc.), parsley, peppers: vitamin C from the body in stressful situations focuses throw. Adequate levels of the stress hormone cortisol by taking vitamin C does not döner.kuşkon to normal more quickly: the hormone intensely stressful due to folic acid helps neutralize olur.yab Inside the myrtle:


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