40 years and 1 out of every 3 women over the first 12 weeks and at risk of low birth! The good news is; He survived this time, who has the genetic testing and regular checks per cent of 85-90 women who neglect a healthy baby to getirebiliyor.ülke has in recent years ‘prior career after child’ number of mother she is growing up to be underestimated. Sevindiren news is that 35-40 years of age and pregnant women mostly on bringing healthy babies into the world. In the studies of advanced maternal age when excluding chromosomal abnormalities were not detected in infants increases the risk of congenital abnormalities. On the other hand, it is between the ages of 35-40 and 40s in women’s pregnancy pointing to increased risk of some of the parents have a variety of studies. So how advancing age affects the mother and baby’s health? Acibadem Maslak Hospital of Gynecology-Obstetrics and perinatologists Assoc. Dr. Ibrahim Notifier, I want to have children 40 years and older women were most curious answer this question … with advancing age Increasing Risk Why? High blood pressure with advancing age mothers, diebetta , kidney and are found more serious health problems such as heart disease. Also in this age of high blood pressure during pregnancy, pregnancy die betiim going on and increase in the incidence of chromosomal abnormalities in embryos. All of these low birth, premature birth, growth retardation and Down Syndrome baby who often bear the risk of artırıyor. ‘Low’ is Experiencing Problems! Obstetrics-Gynecology Specialist and perinatologists Assoc. Dr. The reporter Ibrahim, the most common in mothers aged 40 years and over ‘low’ draws attention to the problems experienced. According to the study; The risk of low birth in women in their 20s, while 10-15 percent to 35 percent of women between 40-44 years of age these risks, rising to 50 percent in 45 years and beyond. This increase in low probability with age is partially due to the formation of more chromosomal abnormalities in embryos. Advanced age of mothers at higher risk of low birth especially in the first 2.5 months. It is hardly possible to prevent an important part of early losses. However, 60-70 percent of losses in the embryo / fetus genetic or serious structural problems that may be considered useful when in fact this is perhaps one aspect of the early losses. So, it’s a kind of natural selection. But no need to worry now, because today there is a solution to almost any problem. It is important for mothers to be regular follow-up and testing time if planning yaptırmaları.test Down Syndrome need to worry about the yokyaşl with chromosomal abnormalities such as Down’s Syndrome during pregnancy increases the risk of occurrence. However, this risk 70 1 40 years (if participating in all chromosome abnormalities account 35 1) 20 1 45 years even if the risk (if taken into account all chromosome abnormalities 10 1) is. This means that all pregnant women over 40 years old 11th-14th. chorionic villus sampling weeks of gestation (fetus taken from her husband example) or 15-20. week results from amniocentesis and over 90 percent probably will be released when regular and after pregnancy can be carried out safely. Moreover, tests performed in experienced hands if they are at risk, but seyrediyor.i between 1 and 1000 1 200 Age risklerdoç important in pregnancy. Dr. Ibrahim Notifier, risks that may develop in older age are listed as follows: • Pregnancy Diebetta i: women over the age of 35 die during pregnancy bet I accepted the risk of the roughly 2-fold increase. Pregnancy die beti i increasing frequency in patients giving birth to a large baby. Also die betiike mother-infant respiratory distress in the newborn period, the drop in blood sugar (hypoglycemia), bilirubin elevation (neonatal jaundice) is seen as more problems. Blood sugar diet, exercise, placing strict control with medication or insulin therapy and close follow-up with identical degrees from normal pregnant Getting pregnant in good results. • Preterm Labor: Studies; 40 years and older more common in premature births according to the age of their fellow 20-30’l pregnant (37 weeks from birth to completion) revealed they do. When preterm labor is determined to take the necessary measures, such as increasing the survival rate of newborns implementation of steroids for lung developers mother to baby. • Low Weight Babies: Some studies have low birth weight of pregnant women over 40 years old, ie reports that more than 2500 grams and at the risk of giving birth to six babies. Smoking cessation, some behavioral changes such as the reduction of caffeinated beverages can provide significant benefits. • Growth Retardation: Assoc Ibrahim Notifier, Washington University School of Medicine study published in the peer in Perinatology Department, said growth retardation in the womb of pregnant women over age 40 found that they were three times more interest. Assoc. Dr. The reporter, as perinatologist in the presence of such a situation is that they provide tracking and scheduling the necessary support to their colleagues birth near these babies. • Stillbirths: A few studies performed by women in women aged in their 20s over age 40 showed that increased 2-3 times the risk of stillbirth . The reasons for the increase in births is still dead in women over 40 years of age is not known exactly. Assoc. Dr. Ibrahim Notifier particularly in the case and they suspect that they be informed about the follow-up of baby movement over 32 weeks pregnant when registrationBET meth doctor pointing to the importance of recourse to. • Placenta Problems: At the end of the 30s than in younger cases where the placenta is placed on the bottom cervical pregnant 2, while in the 40s three times more than can be seen. This situation can sometimes lead to serious bleeding, which can pose a risk to mother and baby. If possible, time of birth is taking place in these cases and when the blood preparation and planned cesarean.


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